All About Funny Movies

Funny movies are loved around the world, even if different people find different things funny. The key is to do whatever it takes to make the most people laugh.

In between the horror films and the big action blockbusters, the theaters make room for the laffers, and the fans flock to them in droves. However, for every $100 million Adam Sandler smash, there’s a big-time comedy flop. So just what makes some movies into comedy gold and what makes them into colossal flops? No one really knows, especially not us at

Nevertheless, we do our best to bring you all the information you need about the funny films of the past, present, and future (near future, that is. We can’t predict the funny in 2125).

The Comedy Movie Guide
For the details on this year’s crop of laffers, check our guide to 2010 Comedy Movies. Keep checking throughout the year for updates on the newest comedy movies to hit the theaters, whether it’s a random fall comedy or a big holiday blow-out.

Comedies for Every Genre
For every person, there is a funny film guaranteed to please. Unfortunately, not every comedy will please every person. Fortunately, there are numerous comedy genres and most people enjoy at least one or two of those genres, which means they’ll have plenty of comedies to enjoy. Find out about the genres of today, and some sorely missed genres of yesterday. Slapstick, anyone?

Only the Best Comedy Movies
So just what makes a great funny movie? We can’t pinpoint exactly what makes comedy magic (if we could, we’d get rich running our own movie studio), but we can list the ten best comedy movies of all time. We leave it to you to decide if you agree with us. If you do, figure out what makes them special. If not, make your own website and post your own ten best list.

From that list, we gather that the best comedies feature some common elements:

  1. A name actor or director
  2. Universally understood situations (like holidays, events, or daily life) taken to the extreme
  3. A minimum of mild satire on modern life
  4. A cute girl or two (optional)
  5. Stars willing to do whatever it takes to make you laugh
  6. A decent script
  7. A director with a flair for comedic timing
  8. A gross-out or pratfall by at least one character

The Top Comedy Movie Stars
These days, the top comedy movies feature stars that bring in the audiences. Those stars include names like Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, and Ben Stiller. We’re not content to let the current crop of comedians hog all the glory, though, so we also included a batch of dead (or merely middle-aged) comedians on our list. They may not be topping the box office lists anymore, but they’re still kings of comedy.

And there you have it: our less-than-exhaustive site featuring the comedies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow (the tomorrow you can see on your calendar.)

Over the years, the comedies will change, but we can guarantee one thing – at least one person in each film will fall on his face, physically or metaphorically.